How Nigerian Farmers Can Benefit From Israeli Agriculture – Embassy

The Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria has revealed many ways Nigerian farmers can tap into the successes of agriculture in Israel to advance farming in Nigeria.

The Embassy was one of the several foreign missions in Nigeria that participated at the just concluded international agro exhibition and conference tagged Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019, which was held at the Aurora International Conference Centre in Osogbo, Osun State from 26-28 March.

Speaking during the Diplomatic Session at the event organised by Fesco Agalu Nigeria Limited, Senior Economic Officer of the Embassy of the State of Israel, Ms. Florence Osuji said in a lecture titled “Think Agriculture, Think Israel” that the State of Israel despite not being advantaged by favourable climate and weather conditions, the country has been able to weather the storm through deploring her resources on agricultural technology, research and developments over the year.

“Israel has not only produce to feed her population but she has been able to export agricultural products and modern technologies across the world,” said Osuji to an audience packed full with farmers from various sectors, financial experts, academicians, captains of industries, farmers associations, youths, women and others.

Osuji, who was at the Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019 to represent the Ambassador of Israel in Nigeria, Ambassador Shimon Ben-Shoshan, said that Nigerian farmers could tap into areas of specialisation of Israeli agriculture such as precision agriculture, irrigation and others. According to her, Israeli Embassy in Nigeria is ready to assist interested farmers in the country to expose them to modern training and skills acquisitions in farming.

“We are ready to give tailor-made training for Nigerian farmers. This could only be done through local governments which are responsible for grassroots farmers. The farmers should also form themselves into cooperatives societies and approach the Embassy on their areas of challenges which we are ready to provide solutions for,” Osuji said.