Agritech Nigeria Osun 2020 an international professional exhibition that offers a meeting place for manufacturers, researchers, investors academia, purchasers and decision makers representing both local and international interests.

Financial institutions experts, Leaders, Policy makers, Government, NGO members, International co-operation entrepreneurs, Experts in crops, orchards, wood and livestock, Scientists & researchers, Farmers & growers, Agronomists & breeders, Water, soil & irrigation professionals, Project financiers, Climate meteorologists, Environmentalists, Technology inventors and Developers, entrepreneurs, labour unions, cooperative farmers, foreign governments, students, market men and women, manufacturers, municipal organisations, health workers, processors e.t.c

Nigeria is in Need of the following Companies,Institutions, Individuals, to come to AGRITECH NIGERIA OSUN 2019, to come and Exhibit, establish and invest in the following Agricultural Sector.

1. Big & Modullar Harvesters
2. Planting machinery
3. Tractors
4. Seed sow machinery
5. Fertilizer & Pesticide sprayer
6. Hole digger
7. Ploughs
8. Drills
9. Holders
10. Pulverizators
11. Shafts and Shaft couplings
12. Rotovators
13. Bottom cauldrons
14. Shading systems
15. Bee extraction machinery
16. Pneumatic systems
17. Bale machinery
18. Bale loader machines
19. Hoe machinery
20. Silage vehicles
21. Compressors
22. Cultivators
23. Cutters
24. Conveyors
25. Lever tearing machines
26. Seed cleaning machines
27. Branch breaking machinery
28. Prune machinery
29. Peeling machinery
30. Cotton gathering machinery
31. Drying machinery
32. Agricultural technologies
33. Processing technologies
34. Cranes
35. Vegetable and Fruit Washers
36 . Grass cutting marchine
37. Weeding machinery
38. Tractor spare part products
39.machinery accessories and spare parts
40.Cocoa Harvesting and processing Marchine
41. Maize Harvesting Machines
42. Palm Oil seed harvesters
43. Planters
44. Meadow cutting machinery
45.Cassava Processing Machine
46.Cassava Starch Extractor
47. Ribbed roller
48. Silos Storage Equipment
49.Market and movable cool Room

2. Improve Seedling
3. Improve Cassava Stem
4.Cocoa seedling
5. Cereals
6. Legumes
7. Industrial plants
8. Seeds
9. Tuber and Roots crops
10. Vegetable production
11. Fruit production
12. Fodder crops
13. Biotechnology
14. Crop Science


1. Organic fertilizers
2. Organic seeds


1. Greenhouse construction equipments
2. Heating, cooling and ventilation systems
3. Computerized control systems

Water Management & Irrigation System

1. Integrated irrigation machinery
2. Drip pipes
3. Pumps(fertilizing )
4. Water treatment and tanks
5 Pipes, valves and other products


1. Chemical fertilizers
2. Organic fertilizers
3. Foliar fertilizers
4. Plant nutrients
5. Soil nutrients

1. Pharmaceutical companies
2. Mistblower
3. Pulverizator
4. Agricultural pest control Equipments
5. Agricultural pest control Research and Services
6. Integrated pest control


1. Hand tools
2. Power plants
3. Measuring and recording devices
4. Environment control equipments
5. Cleaning equipments
6. Technologies for wastes
7. Packaging materials
8. Box
9. Fogging systems, humidification
10. Cold storage depots
11. Fertilizer preparation components
12. Biogas technologies
13. Agriculture insurance
14. Educational institutions

Marketing and Export Services
Plant Propagation Material
Small Rumnants
Turnkey Projects and Knowledge Transfer
Software and Hardware Aquaculture
Fertilizers and Chemicals
Forklifts and Handling Equipment
Liverstocks and Dairy Farming
Organic Agriculture
Plant Protection
Post-Harvest Treatment
Precise Agriculture
Rural Development
Financial institutions experts
Policy makers
Government and NGO members
International cooperation entrepreneurs
Experts in crops, orchards, wood and livestock
Scientists & researchers
Farmers & growers
Agronomists & breeders
Project financiers
Climate meteorologists
Technology inventors
Developers and entrepreneurs

1.Boats and Docks(Modula)
2.Filters and Tanks
3.Aerators & Diffuser
5.Feeding Equipment
6.Gutting Machine
7.Scaling Machine
8.Grading and slicing Machine
9.furnace and packaging machine
10.slaughtering,peeling machine

1.Cattle farming
2. Artificial insemination and cow breeding
3. Feed
4. Feed additives
5. Mangers
6. Waterers
7. Calf cottages
8. Animal depots
9. Beddings
10. Animal hygiene and Veterinary services
11. Apiculture
12. Beekeeping and Beekeeping Equipments
13. Electronic Abatoir
14.Diary Equipments
15. Piggery farming equipment

1. Animal husbandry equipments
2. Machinery and equipments for milk and milk products
3. Equipments used for preparation and distribution of animal feeds
4. Succulent feed and water distribution equipments
5. Equipments for distribution of solid aliment
6. Fences and Animal controlling equipments
7. Animal hygiene and Veterinary services, Medicines and Equipment
8.Chicken cage,
9.automatic egg collecting system
10.feeding system,
11. manure-removing system
12.Egg and chicken transport cage

1.Chambers of Commerce
2. Trade organisation
3. Research institutes
4. Consultancy, insurance and project institutions
5. Agricultural credit cooperatives
6. Producers’ associations
7. Agriculture exchange

Financial Institution
8. Marketing, export, consultancy, insurance institutions
Banks and Financial Institution
Government Ministry and Agencies on Agriculture

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