Recently, former Minister Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria, Chief Audu Ogbeh, lamented the shortage of tractors in Nige­ria when compared to farmers’ population and size of farm operations in the country. Ogbeh said, “there are less than 30,000 tractors in Nige­ria and we should at least, as at today, have a million (

Agritech is an ideal platform to explore the largest market in Africa, this is an opportunity to grow your business by meeting potential customers who are interested in your products and make purchase. Lunch your products to Tens of thousands of visitors who will be attending Agritech 2020. This is exceptional opportunity for you to bring your products to the door step of Nigerian Farmers, to the benefit of Nigeria agricultural sector and to Fast- Track your sales and leads in Nigeria Agro market by meeting real decision maker who are ready to do business with you.

  1. Unrivaled opportunities to communicate your business to a wide range of audience in Agriculture all over the world.
  2. An Ideal platform for your products and business to influence farmers and any service provider in Agricultural sector.
  3. Unrivaled opportunities to communicate with leaders in the industry.
  4. Let your business gain an exposure to over 400,000 participants and thousand of decision makers and the world.
  5. Meet wide range of companies seeking partnership and investment opportunities.
  6. A right platform to access partners for your projects and grow your agribusiness ventures.
  7. Profile your business to attract thousands of potential customers at the event.
  8. A good platform for prospective exhibitors, investors and participant to leverage their products, investments and projects to make more returns and secure partners.
  9. It is a place to fast+Track your business with right Partner.
  10. The best gathering of agro body technology and Agro innovation companies in the world.
  11. Platform to double your market insight and maximize your alliance opportunities.
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